Monday, 24 May 2010

I took this picture when snow covered the UK in the early part of 2010. I was driving through Hatton, Warwickshire, when I stopped to play around with the camera by taking a few pictures of ponies in a field. This was my favourite of the pictures because of the composition and also the depth of field which blurs the trees in the background. My only regret is that the view of the pony is not as sharp as I would have liked. The zoom on the long lens wouldn't go any closer and I didn't want to climb over the gate into the field. The ponies probably would have walked away if I'd done that anyway. But overall, I'm pleased with the picture.

This is another of the pictures I took of the horses in the snow. I did email them to Horse and Hound when they asked for people's pictures but none of them were used! I particularly like the sharpness of the pony's eye and fur in this picture. And also the sharp contrast between its dark brown fur and the fresh white snow. Apart from that, the picture feels a bit claustrophobic and I want to see more of the background.

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